This area provides an overview of the main ClickCat features. Also check out the Frequently Asked Questions which covers some of the more technical aspects. Alternatively you can email your questions here

ClickCat Main Features
All JGBM products are continually updated, so that means no updating on your part! Discontinued items are removed and new products with pricing, images & specification are added on a daily basis so your website is updated without you having to lift a finger!

Product Selection
ClickCat gives you full control over which items from the JGBM catalogue you wish to include in your on-line shop. Simply select by manufacturer, category or at an individual item level and the items will appear

Create Catalogues
You can create your own catalogues and add product items individually or use the upload facility which allows you to incorporate existing product data files (csv format) into your shop catalogues

Pricing Control
The websites pricing is configured using a hierarchal pricing structure, starting at a global mark-up margin for the whole shop, that global price is over ridden by the presence of a margin at manufacturer level which in turn is over ridden by each category margin and finally an individual item price can be entered

Special Offers
Selection of special offers that appear on your website can be set to automatic or manual. Set to automatic and no further administration is required; all offers that appear on the JGBM website will be replicated on to your shop website with pricing based on your default margins. In manual mode you can browse & select any product from the entire catalogue which are then gathered and appear in you Special Offer Administration area, from here you can set pricing, add offer text & choose which offers are to go live and also set start & finish dates for an offer

A-Z Index
ClickCat dynamically displays an A-Z index page that combines all the catalogues & categories that you have chosen for your shop

Search Box
As well as the usual search box an advanced search allows for a user to refine their search using drop downs to select items by Manufacturer, Category and Boolean search options

Shop owners can select which shipping, payment & checkout options they require

Automatic Invoice And Customer Numbers
The format of the automatically assigned invoice and customer numbers can be defined by the merchant. For example retailers can enter a prefix & a suffix which is automatically added to each order number

Order Management
All sales orders are held in the order admin area, administrators can view and managed their on-line orders prior to releasing a purchase order to JGBM Ltd

Sales Data Export
If necessary administrators can export their web sales orders and customer data in to a CSV file. This data can then be imported into the companies existing external order processing system

Customer Administration
Manage your customer database online. Visiting customers details are captured in the usual way or you can upload your existing customer database so that customer registration is not necessary

Login For Registered Customers
Registered customers can login to the shop service pages with their customer number and password

Easy Shop Design With Several Shop Templates
Choose from a selection of shop design templates, you can quickly & easily set up & put your shop live

Integrate Your Own Graphics, Images and Texts
You can choose from a selection of fonts, layout, colours and add images to customise your chosen templates. Operators can edit all text modules used in the shop

Search Engine Optimisation Wizard
Easily configure Name, Content & Title Meta tags, Keywords etc…to make you website more attractive to search engines.

Hosting Inclusive
The basic ClickCat package comes with its own web space and sub domain. Merchants don't need to purchase additional hosting.

Admin Area On-line
No extra software is required, all shop administration is handled on-line with the ability to view ‘real time' reports and exact control from anywhere in the world

For further information visit our FAQ page or email clickcat@jgbm.co.uk