The ClickCat Movie

The ClickCat Movie!

Originally distributed as a FREE CD on the front cover of Channel Info - October 2004

Your ClickCat Website
Its uniqueness is based around the fact that once you have set up which products you want to appear on your site, and at what margins, the content is then refreshed every day from JGBM's own site. No knowledge of website design is necessary. You can write your home page in the 'Word' style text editor, the site supports all major credit cards and will even e-mail you when orders are received, it's that simple. By using ClickCat you will gain an advantage over your competitors as you will always have the very latest product and pricing on display, a superb shop window for your Company! 

JGBM Ltd have hired a film crew to shoot a 2 minute video demonstrating their new ClickCat website solution package. This months' front cover highlights the fact that not only can ClickCat be operated from anywhere in the world - it will also run your everyday web content for you without your intervention, hence the ClickCat slogan 'for an easier life'