Welcome! ClickCat is a fully featured professionally designed shop window for your Company, its extensive range of products are maintained for you daily!  

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On clicking Broadband users should see the ClickCat movie streaming at 256K

Users with a 'Dial-up' connection may need to pause the movie and wait for the green progress line to complete before clicking the play button

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To see 'The ClickCat Movie' a two minute video prensentation outlining the key features of ClickCat and the advantages that it can bring to your company!


Does your website make a good first impression?
If you want to find out about a company visit their website! People are turning to the web as their source for information about your company. A large amount of websites are weeks, months and even years out of date. Many companies rushed to get their sites up and/or hired inexperienced web designers or even worse, tried to do it themselves thinking it was “good enough.” Even more critically few have the time or resources to maintain their websites
  ClickCat is a live website solution - branded as your own website
The important benefit is that we take out all the hard work and update the site for you everyday! As a result it always shows you TODAY's current product & pricing. All product, specification, images & pricing are automatically driven from our JGBM product database which is updated on a daily basis. ClickCat Features full e-commerce trading & on-line credit checking
How can I use ClickCat?
There are two ways to use ClickCat; you can use it as a professionally designed live & up to date website to support your existing customer base, either with on-line ordering or without. Alternatively (or as well as) you can use it for internet trading. In this event you would utilise the in-built credit card payment facility and receive orders across the world wide web

It's easy to operate
Using simple 'Word Like' formatting & text editing features you can easily change the pages on your website, a simple click of a button and your website is updated in real time! No HTML knowledge is needed. Tick boxes allow you to manipulate your website's content & pricing – Once that's done daily product changes are automated – you can have newly launched product on your site even before the manufacturer has it on theirs!
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